Connecting practices with their local community.

Medical Together was established in 2006 as a community printing company providing personalised appointment cards to thousands of practices across Australia and New Zealand, saving hundreds of missed appointment times every day.

We provide a unique and one of a kind service, combining various offerings to reduce your administration time and increase the quality of communication between your practice and the local community.

It is our promise to provide an unlimited supply of personalised appointment cards, completely free of charge to practices. The cards are user-friendly, not only for the doctors and staff, but also for the patients of each practice. Additionally, we offer multi-platform booking options, through websites and apps.

We work closely with practice staff who utilise our services to refine our products so they can communicate with their patients on a personal level. We also ensure we receive full input from practices regarding any sponsorship they would prefer to have featured on their assets.

Any questions?

Below are a list of common questions we get, to relieve any pressing concerns or confusion you may have.

Medical Centres

Is there any cost to our medical centre?

Absolutely not! We will provide the practice with as many cards as you require and when your supply is running low, you can simply order a reprint at no cost.

How are these cards able to be provided so easily?

This is where the small businesses come in. The included advertising features cover all of the design, printing and delivery costs. This partnership between businesses and medical centres benefits everyone.

Do we have a say who will feature on our appointment cards?

Yes, you will have the opportunity to let us know what types of health-related services you are happy to feature on your appointment cards. You can provide details of any local business you currently refer to who would benefit from sponsoring the appointment cards, strengthening the partnership you have.

Medical Together donates advertising space to national charities every year. Any remaining space on your cards will be donated to charities like the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Cancer Council Australia, Starlight Foundation and our newest partner, Dementia Australia.

Can we use our own artwork or logos?

Yes, the cards are personalised to display any artwork and information you would like to feature. You can work with our design team to create a personalised card for your practice. Alternatively choose a design template from our cover selection sheet that suits you, then personalise it to create your perfect appointment card.

If there’s anything you’d still like covered or explained in further detail, feel free to contact us. We can’t wait to work together.